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Change OSM Editing Options

To reference a different endpoint than, or use different configuration files (e.g., you are using customized files for the OSM Data Model - see Add/Change OSM Features or Add/Change Feature Properties) when you run tools from the OpenStreetMap toolbox, you will need to change the editor options on the OpenStreetMap tab. Follow these steps:
  1. Launch ArcMap.
  2. Go to the Customize Menu, select "Toobars", and verify that the “Editor” toolbar is enabled.
  3. On the Editor toolbar, click the "Editor" menu and select "Options". The "Editing Options" menu opens.
  4. Select the "OpenStreetMap" tab. Here, you can update the 'OSM base URL' field, the 'OSM Domains' to point to an updated osm_domains.xml file, and/or the 'OSM Features' field to point to an updated OSMFeaturesProperties.xml file.
  5. Click Ok to close the dialog. Now, close ArcMap and then reopen it (you have to relaunch ArcMap for these editing options to be saved – this is a known defect that will be fixed soon). Open the “Editing Options” dialog again and verify that the files you entered for these fields are now showing as the default.

Now when you run the other Download and Symbolization tools in the OpenStreetMap toolbox, your changes will be applied to the downloaded data.

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