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Export to OSM file



I'm working with the OSM editor. When I load a OSM file into a file geodatabase everything goes fine, but when I then Export To OSM something goes wrong. The tool export all nodes and ways, but in the <way> tag the <nd ref="<nodeID>"> is blank. So I'll get a bunch of nodes like this:
<node id="44548555" lat="51.9489" lon="6.28600000000006" user="AND" uid="12946" timestamp="2009-12-23 19:28:53Z" visible="true" changeset="3437093" version="2" />
<node id="44548678" lat="51.9489500000001" lon="6.30831000000006" user="AND" uid="12946" timestamp="2009-12-23 19:28:01Z" visible="true" changeset="3437093" version="2" />
and a bunch of way relations like this:
<way id="6788151" user="Davio" uid="217070" timestamp="2013-06-13 14:35:01Z" version="5" visible="true" changeset="16538097">
     <nd ref="" />
     <nd ref="" />
     <nd ref="" />
     <nd ref="" />
     <tag k="highway" v="primary" />
     <tag k="name" v="J F Kennedylaan" />
     <tag k="oneway" v="yes" />
I attacht a small piece of a city.

Kind regards,

Martijn de la Cosine
the Netherlands

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