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Attribute selector issue



I'm working with osm and need to download data and put at least the 'name' information of each object in the result geodatabase feature classes.

By using 'Download, Extract and Symbolize OSM Data' it works but this tool is limited to 50000 nodes so not possible in my context.

When I use 'Download data by using XAPI', 'Load OSM File' and 'OSM Attribute Selector' I always get an error.

Executing: OSMGPAttributeSelector "PARISSYMB\OSM Downloaded Polygons\Building (Polygons)" ALL
Start Time: Sat Jun 29 22:54:28 2013
Adding field osm_access based on tag key access.
Adding field osm_addr_58_city based on tag key addr:city.
Adding field osm_addr_58_country based on tag key addr:country.
Adding field osm_addr_58_housename based on tag key addr:housename.
Adding field osm_addr_58_housenumber based on tag key addr:housenumber.
General function failure [OSM_TEST_osm_ply] (addr:interpolation)
General function failure [OSM_TEST_osm_ply] (addr:postcode)
General function failure [OSM_TEST_osm_ply] (addr:street)
General function failure [OSM_TEST_osm_ply] (alt_name)
General function failure [OSM_TEST_osm_ply] (amenity)
useUpdateCursor: False
Succeeded at Sat Jun 29 22:56:08 2013 (Elapsed Time: 1 minutes 40 seconds)

I've also tried by downloading by myself an .osm file and follow the same workflow but i'm facing the same issue.

I'm using latest release of tools with ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 sp1.

I put in attached a sample osm planet file. Could you help to solve this and tell me why it works with 'Download, Extract and Symbolize OSM Data' and not by loading planet file even if it's on a small area ?

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eggwhites wrote Jul 3, 2013 at 4:57 PM

We recently moved the codebase to GitHub ( and are doing development there going forward. Are you using the codebase from there? The latest release for 10.1 - which includes a fix for a memory error with the Load OSM File tool - can be downloaded from here: (note, we link to this download from the GitHub site).

If you're not using this latest version - e.g., the version you have came from this codeplex site - then please uninstall your version and then install the version noted above.

If you did have that version, let me know and I'll ask our dev team to take a look.

Many thanks!


cortal74 wrote Jul 5, 2013 at 9:16 AM

I setup latest release and It works when extracting only one or two tag values (only 'name' for example). But when i try to extract 'ALL' tag values, it fails.

Also, i tried to load a big planet file (eg a french region) and had a memory issue.
The file used is located here

Let me know if extract 'ALL' tag values issue is a bug and how can we turn around memory issue.

eggwhites wrote Jul 15, 2013 at 11:24 PM

Hello Cortal74,
Apologies for the delay, our team was at the Esri User Conference last week. Now we are back and can respond...

I am testing right now with that same .osm file from the rhone-alpes region. It is currently loading into a GDB; I'll then run the Attribute Selector on it once its done loading. Which feature class did you run the attribute selector on: point, line, or polygon? I'd like to replicate with the feature class you tested.