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What's Next for ArcGIS Editor for OSM

We have plans for the ArcGIS Editor for OSM post version 2.1. First, we want to enhance its capabilities for supporting GIS users who want to contribute their existing data to OSM. We know many GIS users who are custodians of datasets that would be excellent contributions to OSM – if they are using ArcGIS, we want to make this easy for them! Also, we’d like to provide a closer integration with other Esri tools, such as the ArcGIS Data Reviewer. Data Reviewer provides automatable quality reporting tools that can help users assess if the data in the OSM dataset is suitable for their needs, or where there is room for improvement. We also plan to work closely with the Esri Mobile Team to bring feature services based on OSM data to mobile devices so you can easily edit custom feature services based on OSM data. And of course we will continue to refine the network dataset tools released in version 2.1.
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