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What’s New in ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap 2.1

What's New in both Desktop and Server Components

Compatibility with ArcGIS 10.1

The Desktop and Server components have been rewritten to leverage the native 64 bit environment updates available in ArcGIS 10.1.


There are now separate installers for the Server and Desktop Components, and an additional installer for installing the Desktop Component when 64-bit background geoprocessing has been installed. See Installation for details.


Desktop and Server components improved for better memory management.

Support for 64 bit characters

The OSM dataset is growing large, such that nodes will require support for 64 bit IDs. The ArcGIS Editor for OSM tools have been rewritten to accommodate the growth of the OSM dataset.

What's New in the Desktop Component

Create a Network from OSM Data

The Desktop Component now supports network analysis through the “Create OSM Network Dataset” tool. Download OSM Data, and then use the Create OSM Network Dataset tool to create the network. The resulting network can be used with the ArcGIS Network Analyst toolset. See Create a Network Dataset from OSM Data for details.

New Toolbox Location

The Desktop Component is now installed in a regular ArcGIS Toolbox - no more browsing to your Program Files directory to locate your OSM tools, instead just expand the "System Toolboxes" in the ArcCatalog window, and your OpenStreetMap toolbox will be there.

What's New in the Server Component

New DIFF File Location Accommodated

As a result of the OSM license update to the ODBL license, the OSM dataset had to be reviewed and data not complying with the new license was removed. Since the time of the review, the OSM DIFF files have been stored in a new location. The Server Component has been updated to reference this new location for updating feature services with the latest DIFFs.

Increase Timeout for App Pooling

When creating a feature service with a lot of data, the default app pooling timeout was not enough. The Server Component now increases the default timeout to allow for creating feature services with more data.

Known Issues

For a list of known issues, click here.
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