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Known Issues in Version 2.1


  • Issue 11141: Server component is not supported on 32 bit operating systems.
  • Issue 11233: When the server component is installed on Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server, downloading and processing data using an ArcSDE with Microsoft SQL Server will not work. Recommended not to use SQL Server with the Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server architectures with the ArcGIS Editor for OSM Server Component.
  • A silent install of the Server Component is not supported.

Desktop Component

  • Issue 9545: The Download OSM Data XAPI desktop tool can only be used when the map document's projection is WGS84.
  • Issue 11131: Create OSM Network Dataset tool fails if background processing is enabled
  • Issue 11139: Number of features reported uploaded is off by one count
  • Issue 11368: OSM Attribute Selector run twice with background processing enabled
  • Issue 11393: Orientation of nodes when submitting changes to OSM

Server Component

  • Issue 9575: The Class Extension that registers into ArcSDE and captures the modifications of the dataset has issues with how modifications are tracked in the REST API. In ArcGIS Desktop, a node that is moved will have the movement tracked; in the REST API, the node gets deleted and created in its new location. This means that when the edit is uploaded to OpenStreetMap, there is a delete of the node and then a create of a new node, and therefore a new node ID.
  • Issue 9730: Javascript Editor interface for feature service does not display correctly in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Issue 11101: JavaScript Editor accordion menus do not display symbology if window is resized
  • Issue 11132: The underlying dataset from which the Feature service is based will not be deleted when the Feature Service is deleted through the Javascript Editor UI if ArcGIS Server has not been restarted since the service's creation. So the workaround would be to delete the service from the UI, and then at some point after you restart the ArcGIS Server services you can delete the dataset. Or, restart the services before deleting.
  • Issue 11164: Service attempts to Upload to OSM even if no credentials are provided
  • Issue 11393: Orientation of nodes when submitting changes to OSM
  • After adding a service using the "Add" button in the Javascript Editor interface, if you refresh the page the added service will not be applied. To see the service, you will have to add it again.

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