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Generate a Custom Network Configuration File Script (Optional)

To generate a custom network configuration file, you can use a script that comes with the OpenStreetMap toolbox. This is advanced functionality, as you will likely have to update the output configuration file aftewards to adjust it to your needs. Follow the steps below:
  1. Launch ArcMap as an Administrator user.
  2. In the ArcMap toolbox view, create a new toolbox.
  3. Add a new script to the toolbox by right clicking on your new toolbox, and select "Add", then "Script".
  4. Browse to the \\Program Files\ArcGIS\Desktop10.1\ArcToolbox\Toolboxes location and add the "" script.
  5. Right click on the script in your new toolbox, and select "Properties".
  6. In the Script Properties view, click on the "Parameters" tab. In that tab, add two parameters: Input_NDS and Output_file. Make sure that the 'Data Type' of the Input_NDS is "Network Dataset" and the Type of the Output_file is "File", as shown below. Click OK. network_script.png
  7. Now you will need to run the script on an existing network dataset. Double-click the script in your toolbox to launch the interface.
  8. In the Input_NDS field, browse to an existing network dataset. You can also create a network dataset using the ArcGIS Create Network Dataset tools, and use the resulting file here. Note, the difference between the ArcGIS Create Network Dataset tool and the Create OSM Network Dataset tool is that the Create OSM Network Dataset tool can be run on an OSM feature dataset,
  9. In the Output_file field, browse to the location where you'd like to save the output file, and name the output configuration file with a file extension of '.xml'.
  10. Run the script. The result of the script should be an XML file you can adjust and then use as the Network Configuration File for the Create OSM Network Dataset tool.

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