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Create a custom template mxd (Server component)

Three template.mxd files are provided from which the feature service features are symbolized. These are located in the folder designated for the mxds during the installation (default is C:\Data). The template mxds are used to designate what features are rendered in your feature service and how they are symbolized. You can create a custom template and add it to the list that appears in the Create Feature Service interface; you can also update the list of default templates that appear in that list.

One of the default mxds is called 'All.mxd'. This 'All.mxd' should not be selected for a feature service, as it contains so many layers that the resulting feature service will likely fail to start. However, this All.mxd is a good to use as a base to for creating your own Template mxd. Create your custom mxd by making a copy of the All.mxd, renaming it, and making changes. After making the desired changes, you can add the mxd to the server component user-interface by following instructions below:
  • Open the \\<serverName>\C$\inetpub\wwwroot\OSM\web.config file
  • Find the key called MxdList
  • Add a new entry to the bar separated list that includes the name, and then a bar, and then the path to your new template mxd: <add key="MxdList" value="Minimal|C:\Data\OSM\Mxds\Minimal.mxd,Emergency|C:\Data\OSM\Mxds\Emergency.mxd,All|C:\Data\OSM\Mxds\OSMTemplate.mxd" />
  • Save the web.config file.

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