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Change the Data Model

The ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap includes a generic data model that is most commonly used throughout the OSM community. However for more focused data captures in efforts like crisis mapping (see, a more focused data model approach is suggested. See for an example. Modifications to the OSM data model follow the use cases below.

Add/Change OSM Features

If you want to map the ArcGIS Editor for OSM to reference a different endpoint and schema than the and OSM data model, this customization is for you.

Add/Change Feature Properties

If you want to add feature properties that are not by default present in the feature’s attributes, this customization is for you. For example, you are editing buildings in OSM, and you want to also add information about the buildings’ roofs, walls, and floor levels. So you Start Editing, right click on a building feature, Select “Attributes” only to find that the attribute editor does not have the subtype for your building features as an option. This customization gets those desired attributes into your ArcMap editing environment.

Once you've created customized versions of the configuration files, see Change OSM Editing Options to update your ArcMap environment to reference the customized files.
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