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Change synchronization intervals in Create Feature Service interface (Server component)

By default, there are four options for synchronizing with OpenStreetMap when you create a feature service through the Create Feature Service interface. The intervals are set to synchronize with hour-based timeframes. If you want to change the synchronization intervals available from this list, follow the steps below. Make sure to keep in mind the important note ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap Feature Service by OSM for exceeding bandwidth.
  • Open the \\<serverName>\C$\inetpub\wwwroot\OSM\web.config file
  • Find the key called "RefreshInterval"
  • Add a new entry to the bar separated list that includes the name of the interval, and then a bar, and then the synchronization interval in minutes: <add key="RefreshInterval" value=Never|0,5 min|5,1 Hour|60,6 Hours|360,12 Hours|720,24 Hours|1440" />
  • Save the web.config file.

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