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ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap Feature Service

Feature Service Webinar - online, view now!

This webinar shows the Feature Service capability available at version 2.0 and above. Watch the webinar in addition to reading this topic to learn how to install the server component, create the feature services, and how to launch an easy editor for making edits to them.

At Version 2.0 and above, the ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap installation includes the ability to deploy a server component. This server component allows you to quickly create editable feature services based on OSM data, that can be consumed by a variety of clients (e.g., mobile, map viewers, iPad, iPhone). The feature services are maintained in ArcGIS Server.

Important Note - Don't get yourself blocked!

Important: The server component provides the capability to easily create feature services. It does not limit the number of services you create or the synchronization interval times of these services. However, OpenStreetMap does enforce limits on how much bandwidth can be used by a single IP address (see OSM's topic on this). If you exceed the allotted bandwidth, your IP address may be blocked from accessing OSM. To prevent being blocked, we highly recommend that you limit the number of services you have running and synchronizing with OSM concurrently. Delete services that you no longer use, and choose the longest synchronization intervals appropriate to your project.

How to Create a Feature Service using the interface

At the top of the Feature List page (accessible via http://<serverName>/OSM), there is an option to "Create New Feature Service". Click this link. The Create new Feature Service inteface opens. Fill out the fields as described below, and click "Create service".


What section
In the 'What' section, use the map to define the area for which you would like to create a feature service of OSM data. Zoom and pan the map to the area of interest. Note that the larger the area, the longer it will take to create the service. If you select an area that is too large - e.g., would exceed the allowable number of nodes downloadable from OSM - the "Create service" button greys out and you won't be able to create the service.

How section
There are three parts to the "How" section:
  • Name the feature service: give the feature service a name. Should be all one word, and not begin with a number or special character.
  • Got a special template in mind?: select from the dropdown a symbolization template to be applied. These templates represent selected OSM features for symbolization in the map. You can develop your own template for your own scenario as well. Recommended to use are the 'Minimal' template - which shows only point, line, and polygons as symbolization, or the 'Emergency' template - which shows features of interest in an Emergency Management scenario. Do not use the 'All' template, as it contains symbolization for all the downloaded OSM features. If selected, it is likely that your feature service will not start because of all the layers that will be included in the service. The All template can be used as a base for a custom template.
  • Synchronize with OpenStreetMap?: Checking this box opens a sub-menu, and indicates that you'd like your feature service to be automatically synchronized with OpenStreetMap. The synchronization can go two-ways: edits you make are synchronized back to OSM at an interval, and edits done to OSM for your area of interest are synchronized back into your map. To configure the service for synchronization, you must enter your OSM username and password. Every edit done to OSM using the service will go under your OSM username and password, even if you do not do the edit yourself. Also, select a Refresh interval for how often you want the two way synchronization to take place. If you do not check the "Synchronize with OpenStreetMap?" checkbox, then edits made through the feature service will not be uploaded to OSM nor will OSM edits be downloaded back to your feature service.

After filling out the fields
Click "Create service" to launch a request to the server to create the service using the parameters you entered. Click "Cancel" if you decide not to create the service.

It may take a few minutes for the service to be created. When it is, you will see a "Download Completed" message in the interface, a view of the data in the feature service to the map at the left, and a link to the feature service and map service created in ArcGIS for Server.

How to Manage Feature Services that have been created

Once a feature service is created, you can see it listed in the "List of Services". Options for each service are:
  • Launch the Javascript Editor by clicking the "Edit feature data" link. See Editing Features for how to use the Javascript Editor.
  • Access the ArcGIS Server rest page for the service by clicking the ArcGIS Server rest link for the service.
  • Change the synchronization interval for the service by clicking the "change" link.
  • Delete the service by clicking the "Remove" link.

How to Edit features using the feature service

See the Editing Features topic for information on how to use the Javascript editor to edit the feature service.

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