OSM network shapefile with topology

Sep 16, 2014 at 5:44 PM
I went through the process of creating a Network Dataset using the ArcGIS OSM tools thinking that I would be able to get a feature class where edges at true intersections are split and each feature would have a From Node and a To Node attribute. Is this possible? A lot of routing/travel modeling software require network data to be in this "link' format. I would really like to be able to produce this in ArcGIS rather than go through the Postgres, QGIS, PgRouting method. One thought I had was to use the network junctions and the nd_roads layer as inputs to the "Split Lines at Point" tool, but i am afraid that non-intersections, like bridges, might get split. Is this not the case? I would also have to write a script to produce the From and To Node attributes, which would not be difficult. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks,