Is OSM data filterable by date or year?

Feb 23, 2013 at 5:03 PM
I am relatively new to OSM data management (but not to ESRI products).

I have familiarized myself with JOSM and XAPI and the other OSM editor programs, as well as installed the ArcMap OSM toolbox (which by the way is still not showing up in the expanded System Toolboxes tab, but that's easily work-around-able).

I've posted this question on the OSM Help Center boards as well, but I want to confirm for sure.

I'm trying to assess spatial and temporal variation in bank branches and atms for the major cities in Canada from 2000-2011. From what I can tell thus far, there is no way to filter OSM data by a "date" or "year" tag for "amenity=bank" or "amenity=atm". I know that OSM data started in 2004 and is updated frequently by users.

Any help confirming this would be great, thanks.
Feb 25, 2013 at 7:02 PM
Really good question. I think you may be able to filter by the date of the edit, but I don't think actual date information for establishments is regularly captured, and if so, in an agreed-upon tagging scheam (see this discussion at If you're working with the ArcGIS Editor for OSM and have a file geodatabase you've created through the tools, there is an osmtimestamp field in the attribute table. But this is the timestamp of the edit, not of the business itself.